Episode 24: Harvesting Harmony: Finding Common Ground in Farm Family Communication

Host: Casey Silveria

Guest: Elaine Froese


Elaine Froese, the Canadian Farm Whisperer, is a family farm coach who helps farm families address business success and communication issues. She emphasizes the importance of open dialogue, conflict resolution, and intentional communication within the family. Elaine believes that addressing conflicts and finding solutions is crucial for the success of agriculture. She separates the family system from the management and ownership systems and helps family members define their roles and responsibilities. Elaine promotes active listening, empathy, and collaborative decision-making to foster harmony and understanding within farm families. She also emphasizes the importance of financial transparency, fair compensation, and addressing issues of greed and entitlement. Elaine aims to facilitate successful farm transitions and create a positive farm culture.

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Key Points: Farm Coach, Communication

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