Episode 26: Success Through Alignment: Building Strong Teams and Partnerships

Host: Casey Silveria

Guest: Jon Dwoskin


In this podcast episode, host Casey Silveria interviews business coach John Duskin. John shares his journey from starting an internet company to working in commercial real estate and becoming a business coach. He emphasizes the importance of clarity in business and helping clients set specific and measurable goals. John discusses the significance of having the right people in the right positions and creating a sense of ownership within the company. He also highlights the value of effective calendar management, prioritization, and time optimization. By studying the calendar and utilizing it as an extension of the brain, individuals can find ways to save time and increase productivity.

In addition, Jon discusses his daily routines, finding the right time to recap their day and prepare for the next, and the importance of individual cadences. He also touches on the value of trust and gut instinct when seeking strategic partners, emphasizing the need for a shared vision, clear communication, and personal compatibility. The conversation highlights the significance of reputation, risk-adjusted returns, and trusting one’s gut when considering investments. It concludes with the importance of creating space for stillness and reflection before making decisions.

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Key Points: Business Coach, Communication

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