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Current Trends of Self-Storage and Macro Outlook Summary

By [email protected] - September 14, 2022

Why should investors be excited about investing in self-storage going forward? Self Storage has been and will continue to be an appealing investment vehicle for decades due to its inherent nature as a business. It has a countercyclical nature compared to the stock market: Self Storage is a defensive play with attractive upside potential. It…

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Does investing in Real Estate syndications contribute to the rising housing costs and rents?

By [email protected] - September 11, 2022

No. FCG aims to alleviate and offset the affordability crisis by partnering with vetted and solid real-estate operators (in their respective asset classes and geographies) by providing the capital needed to execute their business plans. In exchange for investor capital, we offer our investors attractive profit splits with preferred returns without investors having to lay one finger on the…

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Five Questions You Can Ask To Ensure A Syndication isn’t a Ponzi Scheme

By [email protected] - September 10, 2022

“Is this opportunity a Ponzi scheme? I have never heard of these investment types before. So, why now?” These are fair questions. We’ve created five clarifying questions you can ask deal sponsors to see if they are a legit company and not simply push marketing materials in front of your face.  “Can you show me…

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What is the difference between a 506(b) and 506(c) offering?

By [email protected] - September 1, 2022

A real estate syndication is a securities offering where the general and limited partners own shares of the entity purchasing a property. The SEC recognizes that putting every syndication through the IPO process would be too administratively burdensome. So, they created two exemptions syndicators can use to forego the expensive IPO process.  The 506(b) exemption is the…

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10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing in a Real Estate Syndication!

By [email protected] - August 11, 2022

There are too many investment opportunities being peddled today by fiduciaries who rely on the fees generated with complex investing vehicles. So, why haven’t they told us about Real Estate Syndications? Becasue syndications are the exact opposite and have many benefits mainstream advisors won’t let you in on. and I’m not saying this just because…

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