Episode 8: From NFL to Full-Time Real Estate Investor.

Host: Casey Silveria

Guest: Logan Freeman


Logan Freeman, a former NFL player, and commercial real estate expert were featured on TheFarming for Passive Income Show, sharing his journey into the real estate industry. Logan advises investors to be cautious of property prices and focuses on intrinsic value and future cash flows. In addition, he emphasizes the importance of implementing a business plan and being compensated for the risks involved in investing. Regarding the impact of remote work on the office space market, Logan notes the need for creative and collaborative workspaces to attract employees back to the office. He also emphasizes the importance of relationships in the workplace, both with colleagues and investors. Clear communication, accountability, transparency, and rapport with investors are crucial to maintaining their trust and satisfaction. Logan notes that personal connections and referrals still play a significant role in raising capital for syndication businesses, and investor needs and preferences can vary widely. Despite facing personal tragedy after his father’s passing, Logan persevered and continued to pursue his passion for real estate. His journey from growing up in a farming community in Missouri to playing football in the NFL for a short while and eventually finding his passion in real estate is an inspiring story. Investors can learn from his experiences and be conservative and patient in their investments, not letting capital push them into making bad decisions and knowing their markets.

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Key Points: Commercial Real-Estate, Cash Flow Investing

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