Episode 7: Niching Down Into RV Campground Investing

Host: Casey Silveria

Guest: Don Spafford


Don Spafford, a guest on The Farming for Passive Income Show, specializes in investing in RV destination campgrounds. He started investing in real estate in 2017, beginning with a fourplex and eventually moving to more commercial properties and development projects. Don’s primary motivation for investing in real estate was to create a passive income source he could rely on if something happened to his W2 income. Happy Camper Capital, Don’s company, acquires and operates RV campgrounds through their campground management company, Beyond Camp. They receive properties through a 506 deal and offer management services to those unwilling to sell. Don’s main criteria for investing are cash flow and cash on cash return, with their initial properties having at least 20% and some even having 40% or more returns. Happy CamperCapital focuses solely on RV campground resorts and acquires properties directly from owner-operators.

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Key Points: Campground Investing, Passive Income

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