Episode 6: Understanding The Nuances of NOI, Cap Rates, Insurance, and Property Taxes

Host: Casey Silveria

Guest: Anthony Chara


Anthony Chara is a seasoned real estate investor, educator, and philanthropist who has been in the business since 1993. He emphasizes the importance of location, due diligence, and analyzing the numbers before making a decision. Chara also highlights the significance of understanding the interest rates and researching the individual in charge of the investment to ensure a successful investment. He partners with George Anton to buy apartment buildings and has owned over 2,000 units since 2005. He also founded a mentoring program to help others become financially free through real estate investing. Chara advises investors to have an insurance policy, understand the local laws and ordinances, and have a solid exit strategy in place. He suggests reducing the fees of property management and increasing rent to decrease expenses and increase income streams. The real estate market is currently a seller’s market but may eventually become a buyer’s market. Chara also discusses the inverse relationship between cap rates and property values and bridge loans as a popular debt financing instrument.

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Key Points: Real-Estate Investing, Interest Rates

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