Episode 4: Leading the Cutting Edge of Real Estate Investment Vehicles

Host: Casey Silveria

Guest: Melanie McDaniel


Melanie McDaniel founded Freestyle Capital Group, a private equity firm that partners with passive investors to invest in equity real estate transactions across various asset classes, operators, geographies, and investment strategies. Her investment opportunities are diversified, and she prioritizes having a personal relationship with each investor. Melanie’s investment journey began after reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and realizing that trading her time for money was unfulfilling. Her investment strategy has evolved, creating a fund for diversified deals across different geographies and investment strategies. She is very selective about the assets that go into her fund and relies on her partner’s expertise to help her underwrite deals. Melanie values building long-term relationships with a select group of operators and investors and attends conferences to source deals and build her database. She focuses on creating a boutique business, prioritizing personalized attention over transactional relationships.

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Key Points: Passive Income, Investing

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