Episode 3: Getting Through Analysis Paralysis and Going For It

Host: Casey Silveria

Guest: Jesse Dickens


The Farming for Passive Income Show podcast episode features guest speaker Jesse Dickens, who transitioned from the medical field to multi-family investing during the pandemic. Despite his full-time job, he joined an educational program, networked, and invested in B and C-class properties in emerging markets in the Southeastern US. His investment strategy involves finding outdated properties with amenities and improving them through better management, deferred maintenance, and unit upgrades. As a real estate operator, he prioritizes stabilizing properties to achieve efficiency and improve systems. For passive investors, he suggests investing in operators with a good track record, assessing their communication and honesty during difficult times, and checking the debt structure of the deal. Investors should also evaluate the operator’s reputation and consider essential things to look for when evaluating a deal.

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Key Points: Healthcare, Real-Estate

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