Episode 22: Research, Trust, and Action: Making Informed Real Estate Investments

Host: Casey Silveria

Guest: Hersh Rai


Casey Silveria hosts “Farming for Passive Income,” where Hersh Rai, Chief Growth Officer of Serenity Stays, shares insights on real estate investment and the evolving Airbnb space. Serenity Stays initially focused on short-term rental management but expanded to include midterm rentals to address affordable housing needs. They cater to homeowners and investors, offering professional property management and investment opportunities. Serenity Stays maximizes exposure through multiple rental platforms and employs virtual operations and local partners for property management tasks. The conversation emphasizes the importance of teamwork, adaptability, and leveraging pre-vetted services. Hersh advises listeners to research growing markets with cities like Kansas City, Indianapolis, and Madison experiencing annual growth. They also highlight the significance of contacting local municipalities for regulations and building relationships with officials. Finally, Hersh encourages listeners to trust their research, consider reputable advice, and focus on actionable steps and personal judgment in making real estate investment decisions.

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Key Points: REI, Property Management

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