Episode 21: Maximizing Returns with Stabilized Yield on Cost

Host: Casey Silveria

Guest: Axel Ragnarrson


Axel Ragnarrson is a Boston-based real estate investor and founder of Aligned Real Estate Partners. He focuses on acquiring Class B and C value-add assets. Currently, he owns and directs a GP interest in over 450 units in multifamily real estate, with over $62 million worth of transactions. Axel emphasizes the importance of building more housing in areas with abundant land to add to the housing stock and provide more options for people. He also highlights good management as a key factor in providing good housing at a reasonable rate, citing renewal rate as a fundamental KPI to track. He advises investing in the right people and vendors in real estate investing, as paying a little extra for quality services and professionals can reduce risk and exponentially increase the value of assets. He also shares tips for LPs who invest in real estate deals passively, advising them to get educated, ask sponsors important questions, and look for transparent and responsible sponsors. He recommends evaluating deals based on the stabilized yield on cost. He suggests looking for a stabilized yield on cost higher than the market cap rate and the leverage used to finance the property.

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Key Points: Yield-Costs, Maximizing Returns

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