Episode 2: Be Patient, Focus On The Right Deals Not Deal Flow

Host: Casey Silveria

Guest: Stuart Heath


Stuart Heath, CEO and Founder of Harvard Grace Capital share his experience implementing efficient operations in organizations and applying lessons learned from fractional CFO business to real estate investing. He talks about his company’s private equity real estate arm and the types of firms he works with, such as non-profits and real estate concerns, and mentions the challenges in the construction industry. He also emphasizes the importance of having cash reserves in real estate investments. Stuart recommends investing in self-directed IRAs, which offer more control and flexibility over investments and provide tax advantages for retirement savings. He suggests seeking independent advice and focusing on the Tennessee Valley region, including Huntsville, Alabama, for real estate investments, due to its growing economy, opportunities, and relatively lower property prices than other markets.

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Key Points: Entrepreneurship, Real-Estate

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