Episode 19: Pride in Farming: Busting Myths and Celebrating the Food We Produce

Host: Casey Silveria

Guest: Michelle Miller


The Farm Babe is a speaker, columnist, online influencer, and full-time advocate for agriculture. She works to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers by taking a science-based, evidence-based approach to debunking much misinformation online. She started Farm Babe back in 2014 after being inspired by a lot of the misinformation that’s out there on the internet, whether that’s regards to GMOs or so-called factory farming, some of these vegan animal rights activists, anti-GMO activists, all these kinds of stuff that’s just not even true about the industry. She believes that farmers’ voices don’t always get heard, so she started the Farm Babe to better talk about what they’re doing on the farm. The Farm Babe’s background is in visual communications. She uses all of the skills she acquired in her education and her background with Gucci to better advocate for agriculture. Michelle Miller, aka the Farm Babe, advises that to overcome the mental hurdles of social media and putting oneself out there, one should follow other people that one admires and reach out to them for encouragement. Miller notes that everything gets easier with practice, and over time, one gets better, more refined, and more comfortable. She advises finding one’s niche, appealing to one’s passion, and building a community of followers who trust and like the person. Miller acknowledges that negativity may arise, but the audience will always be in one’s corner, and any haters or trolls are a reflection of them, not the person. She encourages ignoring negativity, doing what one loves, and remembering that most followers are one’s cheerleaders. When one puts oneself out there, one’s world opens up, and one builds a community of trust, influence, friendship, and fun. Michelle Miller is a farmer and an agriculture advocate who believes that farmers should take pride in their work and the food they produce. She busts the myth that factory farmers do not care about their animals and explains that farmers can do a great job regardless of their farm’s size or label. She encourages farmers to realize the power of their voice in advocating for their work and the agriculture industry. Miller shares a story about her experience on a peach farm in South Africa, where she went on a private African safari and realized that the little things farmers do on their farms can be life-changing for others.

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