Episode 16: Land Investing In The United States From Around The World

Host: Casey Silveria

Guest: Alicia Jarrett


During an interview, Alicia Jarrett, an active real estate investor from Australia, shares her journey into real estate investing. She started as a consultant in leadership development training but shifted to real estate investing with her business partner, Matt. They started with house flipping but later found it unsustainable, so they moved to invest in vacant land. Alicia explains the process of buying vacant land, from researching the area to finding motivated sellers, negotiating a deal, and deciding on an exit strategy. They also generate passive income through seller financing, where they become the bank for buyers who cannot get funding from traditional banks. Alicia stresses the importance of learning about investing in a new asset class and treating real estate investing as a service-based business. She also highlights the importance of creating systems and processes to help scale a real estate business and learning to delegate tasks to others. If you’re interested in real estate investing, Alicia’s interview offers valuable insights and tips.

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Key Points: Real-Estate Investing, Flipping Houses

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