Episode 10: How A Mindset Shift Changed One Chef Into A Seasoned Multifamily Investor

Host: Casey Silveria

Guest: Gino Barbaro


In this episode, Casey interviews Gino Barbaro, a multifamily investor, and educator who shares his journey of transitioning from a restaurant owner to a successful real estate investor. Ginohighlights the importance of generating passive income and provides insights into how he began investing in small multifamily properties to achieve his financial goals. He also talks about his partnership with Jake and how they founded the Jake and Gino Community to teach others how to invest in multifamily properties. Throughout the conversation, Gino emphasizes the significance of having a growth mindset and the importance of personal development and learning. He recommends reading “The Richest Man in Babylon” as a guide to creating wealth and living below one’s means. Gino also discusses the value of contributing to others and its impact on one’s life. Gino and Jake run a website, jakeandgino.com, which offers educational resources and hosts an annual Multifamily Mastery conference in Orlando. The conversation covers various topics related to financial literacy, investing, and mindset, focusing on long-term thinking and personal growth.

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Key Points: Real Estate Investing, Financial Literacy

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